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The couple have been together for a decade now; they had their first child - a daughter named Jasmine - in December 2015.

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You may be wondering: did you just say his 1,200 guns are worth million dollars? This story says more about us than it will ever reveal about the dead man at the center of it. There is truth to be found inside the swirl of this bizarre mystery. —Mark Twain “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” There’s one man who might be able to help me make sense of all the alien oddness of this story: George Noory. They’ve been reporting on that story for the last three weeks.Was this man what he claimed to be: an alien-human-hybrid superspy who needed a 1,200-gun arsenal and multiple assault vehicles to protect the world from extraterrestrial invasion? He’s the host of “Coast to Coast”, the AM talk radio show that focuses on the paranormal, the extraterrestrial and the strange. He tells me, “Some of them died after the feds raided their offices; it’s very strange.” One thing is certain: plenty of people die or go missing, and their deaths leave those close to them perplexed.But now, Dawn Marie Vad Bunker is no longer talking to the press. In a twist that fits this strange story, ever since law enforcement officers called her mother and declared her daughter was no longer a missing person, Dawn Marie Vad Bunker’s been missing. Other than that one handwritten letter sent from Sacramento, she still has not contacted her family. Others, not as skeptical, or paranoid—instead just merely cynical—say there’s no autopsy because the dead man has no next of kin, and the LAPD would like to keep his million cache of guns. Every bit of this story that I investigate, every fact I check only makes the mystery grow deeper and weirder. But when little Jeffrey was born, his father was working with a sex change surgeon named Dr. That same doctor would later found the Da Vinci library at UCLA. Belt alone lends credibility to the theory the dead man really was an alien-human hybrid. He tells me how microbiologists have been turning up dead. He tells me if I Google it there’s plenty of discussion about it online.When I started my investigation a few weeks after his death, the body of the deceased was listed in the coroner’s office as a John Doe. This would obviously be easier to do with a John Doe. Shouldn’t the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) be all over the mysterious death of a man who had a small arsenal in his L. When you consider all the questions this man’s story raises, you wind up with an investigation into what we believe, what we want to believe, and how others will try to control what we believe for their benefit. One created here on Earth by his father’s sex change pioneering boss. He and his listeners have been speculating about whether the deaths of microbiologists are meant to reduce our chances of creating an antidote. Noory also mentions that natural medicine doctors have been dying in suspicious ways.Watching me with a wary eye, he tells me, “Laura’s not home.” Friendly as I can muster, I reassure him, “I’m a journalist, doing a story on Jeffrey Lash. For a quick moment I wish some of them could be where I am standing, seeing what I’m seeing and immediately understand how vastly different a man looks in his doorway than he looks online, frozen in a snapshot from Facebook. She confides that she just adopted Dawn Marie earlier this year. Just about everything.” But unlike every other time in her life, this time when Dawn Marie stumbled, the Vad Bunkers were there to catch her. He had to be helped in and out of the vehicle where she performed the Reiki healing. And he would tell you stories, and then tell you if you passed his test—and I didn’t know I was being tested. “Dawn Marie believed that Bob, aka Jeffrey Lash, was a legit hybrid alien?I’d just like to ask her some questions.” I give him my card and ask that he tell Laura I’d like to interview her. Standing at the Vad Bunker family home makes me reluctant to entertain most of the conspiracy theories surrounding the case. I confess that I knew that, and I find it all rather fascinating. Dawn Marie came into the Vad Bunker’s life because of love. But then, he (Laura’s son, Dawn Marie’s husband) left. They knew she’d had a tough childhood, one shaped by abuse, and that Dawn Marie was no longer in touch with her birth mother. And even though she annulled her marriage to their son, after knowing Dawn Marie for seven years, on March 27, 2015, the Vad Bunkers made their feelings official and adopted Dawn Marie, a 39-year old single mother of two. Very soon after she was adopted she began to help take care of Jeffrey Alan Lash. Laura tells me Dawn Marie first got her job working for Catherine Nebron-Gorin as her personal assistant. It was nothing massive, or growing, but Nebron-Gorin needed someone to help manage it. Bob asked her to come back and perform a second pass of healing energy. He was quite charming, I thought.” I have to ask, “You met Bob. ” I ask, trying to make sense of what each woman believes. She said, ‘There’s a God, there’s a God, there’s a God.’ I said, ‘OK … ’ And she says ‘I saw Bob, and really, he has yellow eyes.He was taken to the Ventura County Jail and is now awaiting extradition proceedings, Okada said.Why would a dying man lie about what will happen to his dead body?

Vasas, Salem Police Detective Grant Davis, FBI special agents and Oxnard officers arrested Cortez on suspicion of murder.He gave his fiancée very precise instructions about how to handle his corpse whenever he finally lost his fight to live.On July 3, 2015 he collapsed in the parking lot of an upscale Los Angeles grocery store.Almost two decades after teenager Alfredo Lopez-Nabor was shot and killed in a Salem parking lot, police have arrested his suspected killer.With the assistance of the FBI and Oxnard Police Department, Salem police detectives arrested Fernando Cortez, 38, Tuesday in California, where he was living under a fake name. Dave Okada said investigators believe the fight was gang-related.Cortez was 19-years-old when he allegedly shot Lopez-Nabor, 16, during a fight outside the Circle K convenience store on 4710 Portland Rd. The ensuing investigation led police to develop probable cause to arrest Cortez, but he fled the area before investigators could arrest him. Years passed, and the homicide case grew "cold."In 2008, Salem Police Detective Jamie Vasas was assigned to follow up on the cold case investigation.