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These plates are in constant motion with respect to one another.

The relative motion of two plates can be described by rotation about an Euler rotation vector, which is usually specified by a pole latitude/longitude on the surface of the Earth (is the radius of the Earth as in Chapter 2.

We include a partial list of finite rotations in Appendix A.3.5.Details of how to rotate points on the globe using finite rotations are given in Appendix A.3.5, a technique that will be used extensively in this chapter.Defining finite rotations based on paleomagnetic poles finds a pole of rotation that transforms the paleomagnetic poles observed on continents back to the spin axis.Marine magnetic anomalies can also be restored to the spreading centers via finite rotations.Also, a finite rotation can be found that restores a position defined for example by the continental margins (e.g., the of the Atlantic bordering continents, Bullard et al., 1965) or that maximizes agreement of paleomagnetic poles after rotation.a) A moving continent will retain a record of changing paleomagnetic directions through time that reflect the changing orientations and distances to the pole (which is held fixed).