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I can ask Jean to add the following to her library: L'et del rame nel versante italiano delle Alpi centro-occidentali. Prior to that, it was considered a Bell Beaker culture due to their common burial traits - the adult males were buried in a crouched position, almost always on the left side and oriented NW with an array of weapons, including copper daggers and archery equipment...

I'd like to understand the transition from II to III, circa 2400 BC.

I forget the exact phrase that was used, but Franco Nicolis described the Bell Beaker period in Northern Italy as culturally 'depressed' compared to the pre-Beaker period. Remedello metallurgy also has some of the earliest examples of halberds in western Europe (if not the earliest), so no big change there with BB.

Stelae see some replacement of Remedello triangle daggers for the typical BB tanged dagger. This might be critical to linking Remedello with Bell Beakers in France or Iberia.

Did the economic usefulness of copper products make any significant strides forward in III in contrast to I and II?

I think you looked at this before, but do you think that the Pre or Proto-Italic folks derive out of Villanova and Urnfield?

I suppose this is kind of a U152 origin question too.

I'll have to check to see if I have anything regarding smelting/furnace techniques that may have been used. However, maybe this helps demonstrate Amzallag's Synthetic Theory and its economic differentiations to some degree.

Amzallag (2009), from ”From Metallurgy to Bronze Age Civilizations: The Synthetic Theory", showed the below chart.