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Other names controlled by Wurlitzer have included: Apollo, Artola, Julius Bauer & Company, Melville Clark, De Kalb, Farney, Ellwood, Kingston, Student Butterfly baby grand piano, Caldwell, Clavichord, Kurtzmann, Merriam, Milner, Schaff Brothers, Spinette, Strad and Underwood.

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The album was remastered and re-released on CD in 2001 by Verve as a Verve Master Edition.

Here are a few (of the many hundreds) of piano patents filed by Steinway that you can find at the US Patent and Trademark Office and European Patent Offfice.

Pramberger pianos give you a quality instrument at a reasonable price! This piano gives you a quality instrument for your money. Joseph worked for twenty-nine years at Steinway & Son's® the renowned piano makers in Astoria, New York.

He held several positions including Design and Project Engineer, later Vice President of Manufacturing, and Chairman of the International Technical Exchange Group.

In 2000, the Platinum Edition World Class Grand Piano models JP-185 and JP-208 were introduced.