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Pisces men and dating

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But with hidden qualities one might not expect, he’s possibly one of the most genuinely caring and sympathetic.A big daydreamer, he tends to spend a lot of his time in a world of his own he’ll rarely let you into.Truthfulness doesn’t come easily to the average Pisces man, and he’s a master at wriggling out of compromising situations.Fatherhood and the Pisces Man The Pisces man desperately wants to be a good father!Excerpts may be used, provided clear credit is given to Astro with a link to the original content.Introduction to Pisces Men If you are dating a Pisces man you are in for a bumpy ride.As a life partner, he’s amazingly tolerant and non-judgmental, has an extraordinary capacity for unconditional love and forgiveness, and would pardon you just about anything, no matter how much you have hurt him.A Pisces husband would sacrifice a lot to make you happy, often putting your needs and desires before his own.

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A Pisces father is unique among men in his ability to tune into his kids’ emotional needs, empathize with their pain and troubles, and openly express his feelings of warmth and affection.

Emotional unfaithfulness can be a problem for a Pisces husband; sexual infidelity is much less common.

Even if he is cheating, because he’s so good at covering his tracks the likelihood is you’ll never actually find out about it or get any concrete proof it is happening.

In return your Pisces husband will do a wonderful job of looking after your day-to-day emotional wellbeing: a very good listener and a wonderful hand holder, he’ll always be there for you when you need him.

How Faithful is a Pisces Partner or Husband Likely to Be?