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For VVX phones, it is 5.5.0 Press "Menu" on your Polycom phone. Enter your password; the default password is '456'. Next, select "Admin Settings", followed by "Network Configuration".Scroll down using the arrow hard keys until you see "Server Menu".Soundpoint IP 301, 320, 321, 330, 331, 335, 430, 450, 501, 550, 560, 601, 650, 670, VVX101, VVX201, VVX300, VVX301, VVX310, VVX311, VVX400, VVX401, VVX410, VVX411, VVX500, VVX501, VVX600, VVX601, VVX1500 Soundstation 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000 The "S/N:" field is your MAC address.It should start with "0004f2" or "641xxxxx" and be a total of 12 digits.Polycom has recently announced native Lync support for a wide variety of standard SIP phone devices which all run on the same Polycom Unified Communications Software (UCS) software release.This means that the large variety of Sound Point IP, Sound Station IP, Spectra Link Wireless, and VVX Business Media Phones can all now natively register directly to Lync Server, adding a variety of choices beyond the purpose-built CX device family, including the first Wi Fi endpoint supported for Lync 2010 Server.In order to configure this same trust relationship with the Polycom SIP phones the CA certificate will need to be manually provided to the phone as part of the provisioning process.Be aware that this does not mean the Lync server certificate itself is used, which is a common misunderstanding.

The most basic requirement for any client or device to natively register to Lync is the ability to support TLS communications.

On Soundpoint IP and Sound Station model press: Menu - Press the menu button or House Icon on your Polycom phone. Enter your password; the default password is '456'. Next, select "Admin Settings" (1), followed by "Network Configuration" (1). Change "Server Type" to "HTTP", and the "Server Address" to, using the * key for the periods.

Select "Back"/"Exit" (or use the Left directional key) and the "Save Config" option. located on our content network at 199.7.172.x.

Please ensure that port 80 traffic is available for this address range.