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Prince harry dating a rockstar

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It was also reported that she and Harry partied at Raffles, one of his favorite spots.

”, causing the rest of the islanders to lose it over his audacity to ask such a question.crop=1.0xw:1xh;center,top&resize=768:*" / Kate Middleton's friend  Astrid Harbord was briefly linked to the Prince in 2009, during the "on-again off-again" phase of his relationship with Chelsea Davy. " title="Astrid Harbord: 2009" src="data:image/gif;base64, R0l GODlh AQABAIAAAAAAAP///y H5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7" data-src="*" / Caroline Flack in June 2009, who allegedly gave him the nickname "Jam" thanks to his reddish-blond hair.Posting the snap online as solid proof she’d had a brush with royalty, she had no idea at what was to come.Twitter users were soon getting all excited that the Prince had a new girlfriend, with news publications jumping on the bandwagon and suggesting the photo was a cosy, romantic one.It should be noted that rumors about their relationship were *not* corroborated. " title="Camilla Romestrand: 2010 " src="data:image/gif;base64, R0l GODlh AQABAIAAAAAAAP///y H5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7" data-src="