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Between these extremes, those who sought to keep their interactions as uninvolved as possible engaged in behaviors such as avoiding non-sexual intimacy (such as hugging), keeping conversations superficial, failing to introduce partners to family and friends, and seeming promiscuous or blatantly announcing that they were only seeking short-term sex.

Prince harry dating chelsy davy 2016

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“Harry still holds a candle for her, they talk a lot, and if she initiated it, he would go back to her like a shot.”Indeed, there are those who say that the real reason Harry’s subsequent relationships have foundered is because in the back of his mind he is still ‘holding out’ for Chelsy to have a change of heart.

His relationship with Cressida Bonas was certainly marked by seesaw emotions on both sides.

In the end, whatever impression the public might have of these girls living charmed lives, when it’s over, royal exes have to get on and earn a living like all the rest of us.

And in pursuit of that deceptively quotidian task, their sometime links to royalty can be as much of a liability as an asset.

Although Chelsy insists to friends that she is happier these days outside the royal goldfish bowl, and could not bear to live her life under the level of scrutiny and restriction that being Harry’s bride would demand, there are several who still think they will, eventually, partner up.“You can’t fight true love.

We haven’t heard the end of Chelsy, not by a long shot,” one friend of hers told the Royalist.

“I can walk through the door and I don’t have to put a credit card down to secure a room, which I would have to do had I gone to the local bed and breakfast.”Notwithstanding the friendly welcome, her protracted stay there, and inability to settle the final bill, ultimately led to her being declared bankrupt in 2011.

She is now a committed Buddhist, lives a simpler life and appears to have found some kind of contentment and peace at last.

But as she is (and prior to Harry had been) pursuing a career as an actress and performer (she went to dance college) it can perhaps be argued that she had little choice but to stay in the public eye.

She has said that she was once offered a million pounds by the now-defunct to pose for a picture and confirm she was Andrew’s girlfriend.

Her world fell apart when the media discovered she had appeared naked in a film entitled Emily and Andrew was basically ordered by the palace to leave her.

While she was dating Harry she actually did try to refocus her career on the art world, working for a spell in a Chelsea gallery, but she was never really happy with that job, friends say.

Post-Harry she has decided to embrace her unusual fame, and has taken on a few projects, carefully chosen from the mass of offers made to her.