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Let them know that they will be subject to random text searches, that you will view their social networking sites, and that all apps downloaded must first be approved by you, (and any other rule that you want to enforce.) I am aware that not all share my opinion on not allowing teens full privacy.Time and time again I get comments from readers that teens deserve more privacy, or better yet a teen reads my blog and disagrees with me asking parents to be more involved. The big picture must include uncovering what else is going on to make your teen want to sext.To take a fair stance, I agree that teens do need privacy, but they also need guidance and supervision. Is it peer pressure to please a boyfriend or girlfriend? Is it a lack of confidence leading him or her to do something they may later regret, or is it the mere curiosity of being a teen?Parents don't have to read everything their teen is posting, just randomly browse through the content. Find out the reason behind your teen’s sexting and work your way up. Many teens have been jailed and placed on probation all because of sexting.A concerned parent contacted me after I posted my last sexting blog because he found out that his teen daughter was sexting.

If you're not keeping tabs on your teen through randomly searching for him or her - college admission reps and potential employers are! I love the idea of setting up a contract with your teen; he or she will see them many times in their future, so why not introduce them early?

You can also block calls after a certain time at night.

If your teen is sexting you need to "up the ante" and be in the know of what's going on.

If parents aren't tech savvy, or have controls set, they may never know their teen was breaking the rules. Research tells us that 76.2% of teens who were propositioned to sext admitted to having had sexual intercourse…now that's cause for alarm!

So, what do you do if you find out your teen is sexting? To top it off, new research indicates this problem is happening across prevalent ethnic minority (African American and Hispanic) youth as well.