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The statistics about abusive relationships show that they are frighteningly common.

Pros and cons of dating a pothead

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he was smoking one a week when i first knew about it. I found out he had been lying about smoking cigarettes, chewing, and smoking weed. But then this happened and I’m just so insecure, doubtful, hurt, I just can’t believe him. My friends tell me that once a liar, always a liar..Now he smokes 24/7 apart from when he is asleep (well sleeping high for the first hour or two). i confronted him about it (nicely), i was only concerned for his health and his job. I’m just so confused by this relationship, we always have a great time together, been together for 3 years, I’ve never lied to him about anything, I always come out with the truth, we’ve even talked about marriage so why would he do this to me now? Don’t bother making someone stop smoking weed, you can try to make him/her smoke occasionally.In my life, I’ve learned it isn’t possible to have both. But some issues are deal breakers and drugs really -are- one of them.

i’ve never been with a smoker before so this is all new to me. I had already caught him with cigarettes and he told me he’d stop.He has been clean for almost a year until tonight he came home and I smelled it on him. My instincts are telling me he is, but then again I’m wanting to believe that it’s just the alcohol. If a new girlfriend is trying to change you or force you do something in your life you don’t want to do. These things start small, but years down the road she will try to control more and more.His eyes were bloodshot and he was slurring his words. A good relationship means mutual respect for each other’s lives.She tried to say it was her brothers and it was out in the garage but had NO explanation of what it was doing in the kitchen open on the counter. My biggest suspicion is our bathroom off the kitchen has smelled like someone has smoked in there for over a month now. She insists it’s her brothers but I have strong doubts.She’s lied to me about drinking and this is just too suspicious. I dont think asking my boyfriend to stop smoking is controlling, when your in a serious relationship you change for each other.. My boyfriend agreed to stop smoking and supposedly hasn’t for a while..(he usually does it with his friends and at work!!My boyfriend lied about not smoking pot for 5 months, and it really hurt me when a mutual friend let me hear in a voicemail message all the "good shit" he’s been smoking.