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In April 1991, for example, a bomb in the city's main market killed three people and wounded fifteen others. Police blamed Sikh militants, claiming they were trying to disrupt upcoming elections (AP 26 Apr. Earlier this year, security for government officials was stepped up when the chairperson of the Indian Administrative Service was assassinated by a militant group ( article of 2 November 1984 reports that Sikhs and non-Sikhs lived in relative harmony before 1984. UNHCR is not responsible for, nor does it necessarily endorse, its content.

In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, often referred to simply as Kashmir, there is a 25,000-strong Sikh community, and in Rajasthan the Sikh population, mostly concentrated at the border with Punjab, made up 1.4 per cent of the total population in 1981 ( 1 Nov. In August of this year, counter-insurgency officers raided suspected Sikh militant hideouts a few days before Independence Day celebrations, and several people were detained for questioning (AFP 13 Aug. There are reports about militant Sikhs in Delhi involved in violent incidents, including bombings, gun battles and political assassinations. According to the most commonly cited estimates, about four million Sikhs live in India outside Punjab. "Kashmir Separatist Violence." (NEXIS) United Press International (UPI). Punjab itself is home to a concentration of nine million Sikhs (AP 28 Apr. Sikh communities of various sizes are found in most Indian cities and in virtually all states. Caste divisions, degrees of orthodoxy and divergent political opinions have eroded the cohesiveness of the community as a whole (AP 28 Apr. Although life is calmer outside Punjab for many Sikhs, the increase of Sikh militancy outside Punjab has led to instances of harassment of moderate Sikhs by extremists and to greater police surveillance of the Sikh community. "Five Sikh Women Reportedly Abducted by Muslim Militants." (NEXIS) United Press International (UPI). Militants chose the region as a base of operations for its mountainous characteristics, which provided easy shelter, and for the presence of many Sikh families (.). Sikhs settled in Delhi before 1947, and the already well-established community grew with the influx of Sikh refugees from the Pakistani Punjab during the partition (Cole and Sambhi 1978, 165; Amrik Singh 1988, 424). At the time of the 1981 census, approximately eight per cent of Delhi's population was Sikh ( 1988, 1111). Moreover, isolated incidents of communal violence involving Sikhs may play a role in influencing the security conditions for Sikhs outside Punjab. "Some Indian Sikhs Hide Religion Amid Fears of Violent Backlash." (NEXIS) United Press International (UPI). "Six Die, 47 Hurt in Punjab Train Blast." (NEXIS) United Press International (UPI).