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Steve-O previously dated George Clooney’s ex Elisabetta Canalis, who cited his struggles with addiction as the reason for their split.

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Brian kept excelling at work which he paid for by having less time to spend with the family so Diane played a major role in raising their kids. She was very protective and would rather get up early to drive them to school then trust the school bus driver.

She searched her mind for a way to ease this into the conversation. She sighed, trying to make the butterflies in her stomach fly away. "Oh sure, you can leave those on, whatever makes you comfortable. The two women were in the corner, speaking in hushed tones. Linda position her feet in the two foot holders so she was now spread wide open for her son to see under the harsh light of the examination room. I know it's different and scary but I promise everything will be OK." Jimmy was breathing heavily. It's OK..." With that she reached for his hand and placed it over her warm mound. He immediately started to slide his finger among her wet folds, awkwardly trying to find where he came out all those years ago. Look, your pee pee is getting hard too honey." Jimmy's young cock was stiffening and filling out. You're going to do just fine." Jimmy was smiling ear to ear. Diane leaned back onto the paper covered table, satisfied at her son's progress. Linda looked at Diane's slit and noticed juices running down over her butt cheeks and all the way down to the paper. This was her first up close view of her son's blossoming boyhood. There was little hair, although she noted a clump of whisps that were thicker and more widespread than it appeared at first glance. Linda massaged her son's balls, as if checking for something, but Diane wondered if she lingered there longer than necessary. Linda leaned forward herself and snaked her hand between Jimmy's legs. She wondered how gullible she was for participating in these "tests." Still, she thought that if she got him really horny and hard he won't last as long as he did last time.

Without thinking she blurted out, “Honey you've never had sex, right? I've heard from kids at school talking about it." "Have you ever seen a porno film, honey? "Yeah I have mom." "Well there's nothing wrong with that baby. I'll be so embarrassed." Diane looked back at him through the rearview mirror. As Jimmy slid his underwear off his feet he was as naked as the day he was born. I mean there's no need for it all to go off, right? But you need to remove everything from your waist down...including," she pointed, "your panties."Diane did as she was told and lowered her underwear slowly. She felt the hot stare of her son as he leered at her nude form. Jimmy couldn't help but look at his mother's rounded, shapely ass. Suddenly he found something, it gave way and his finger was in her. He was still small but Diane was happy that she was able to get her son aroused like that. Linda looked at Diane with kind of a sexy smirk and winked. -- and now let me take a look." With little warning she encircled his stiffness with her gloved hand. Jimmy's face was remarkably calm as he stared ahead, as if in a dream world. Linda bent Jimmy over very gently while simultaneously pushing him forward ever so carefully. She gently handled Jimmy's four incher and delicately tugged it towards his mother's now sopping pussy. This way she won't have another orgasm in front of the doctor today. Mom, you won't regret this." She took a right turn to go into the parking garage, grabbed a parking ticket and drove inside. "OK now, pull your jeans down for me." Diane reached over and pulled her son's seat back so he was reclining.

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