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Whether you love or hate Apple, recognize that they are an exemplar of this truth.

In the real world of building products and attacking market opportunities, market segmentation is the process of defining and sub-dividing the aggregate, homogeneous market into addressable, targeted needs and aspirations buckets.

Let me go a step further and make the forceful assertion that in the red hot mobile computing segment (inclusive of smart phones, media players and tablet devices), anything that Nokia, RIM/Blackberry and even Google Android are doing is simply orthogonal to Apple’s i OS-based device play (i Phone, i Pod touch, i Pad). That is why it’s laughable that the latest meme du jour, “The Apps Lifestyle” — and believe me, it is a lifestyle — is ridiculously framed as a trend of the multi-vendor “cell phones” segment. The clear-cut truth is that Apple’s i OS device platform is the staging ground of the Apps Lifestyle, something that ~90-percent of i OS device owners “get” to the point of it being intrinsic, assumed and embedded.

By contrast, maybe 15 percent of non-i OS device owners embrace The Apps Lifestyle, or even know what it means, and that’s probably being generous.

Yet, this composite translates to 29 percent of all users (according to Pew Research Center).

How can you not confuse the tail with the dog, with that kind of framing?

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Pricing (and margins) that are hidden from the customer via carrier subsidies.Moreover, it underscores the integral-ness of continuously re-calibrating on the definition of the situation; not merely doing more for the sake of an added bullet point or to support a desired price point.Does Apple have a perfect crystal ball on these things?The company’s stock is up 3,000 percent since the launch of i Pod, 125 percent since the launch of i Phone, and 20 percent since the launch of i Pad.In that same time period, the major devotees of the loosely coupled model — Microsoft, Google, Intel and Dell — have been, at best, outpaced by Apple 6X (in the case of Google dating back to the launch of i Pod) and at worst, either been wiped out (in the case of Dell) or treaded water (in the cases of Microsoft and Intel) in every comparison period.Is it surprising, then, that the reward for achieving such distinguished leadership was for the CEOs at two of those companies (i.e., Nokia and LG) to get fired?