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Radiometric dating of fossils america

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The answer is simple: They never made a model but were simply posing beside a real animal.

Real Pterodactyl in a Civil War Photo It mentions that for many years skeptics have pointed out the lack of clear photographic evidence for a modern pterosaur. “Monster” in a Civil War Photograph The frightening appearance of that head on that winged animal—that can bring to your mind the word .

It includes my (Jonathan Whitcomb’s) experience over many years and about how my opinions have changed regarding that photo.

Research on Extant Pterosaurs This appears to briefly deal with how modern pterosaurs may relate to evolution, yet it mainly involves evidences for the authenticity of the Ptp photograph.

In January of 2017, the physicist Clifford Paiva and I talked by phone and agreed that the photograph now called “Ptp” has an authentic image of a modern pterosaur.

We then began deeply examining the photo, mostly independently but comparing our findings from time to time.

I saw nothing wrong with the six soldiers, but those wings reminded me of a canoe.

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It also has a section titled “Confirmation Bias and a Photograph of a Modern Pterosaur.” Here’s part of that section: For many years, the critic had an image of Ptp on his online page.

Additional discoveries confirmed our initial conviction: Not only is the photo quite old, probably recorded before about 1870, but the animal shown is a real pterosaur.

The following is a partial list of resources, recent online publications on this wonderful discovery of a modern pterosaur (pages and posts published in 2017, mostly from February through mid-May).

It mentions the problem of confusing Ptp with the Haxan Films What a gruesome head!

I don’t recall when I first saw the monster photo, perhaps as long ago as 1968, but that long beak and head appendage made me uneasy.