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I’d heard similar complaints from friends: potential dates who texted too much, too little; used too many emojis, didn’t seem to understand emojis at all; were too serious, used to many “lols” when they clearly were not .

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Songs like “Arise, My Soul, Arise”; “Immortal, Invisible”; “Rejoice, the Lord is King”; or even the simple “I Sing the Almighty Power of God” typified a depth of doctrine that taught us as it revealed the glory of our Lord.3. From Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, two of the 21st century’s most vital and creative minds, comes a brand new, inspirational, and game-changing life system that promises to instantly provide wellness, happiness, and total, absolute fulfillment.The Uncle Muscles Hour: Casey and his Brother perform "Cops and Robbers".Eric presents the "Eric Wareheim's Awesome Show, Great Job".Tim’s Dad (Richard Dunn) sends Eric a gift basket wishing him luck on the new show. Steve Brule reports on fruits and vegetables, but he is not ready.The Uncle Muscles Hour: Casey and his Brother perform "Time Travel".

Steve Mahanahan advertises his child-clowns rental services, and his brother Mike Mahanahan advertises his child-clowns shoes rental services. Guest appearances: Bob Odenkirk as singer and "Weird Al" Yankovic as Simon.

Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure the theology in some of those camp songs was more advanced than the ones I’ve heard in some of your services. Yes, there’s a place for repetition in worship — if the words are really that good or pulled directly from Scripture, but even that can be overdone. I confess I don’t have a well-developed strategy for modern worship. I’m just a guy in the pews, a husband, father, and former pastor, frustrated that I just don’t feel like singing by the time the worship music worship your musical talents instead of our musical God.

But, hey, everybody else seems to be really, really enjoying it so maybe it’s just me. The first time we sang the simplistic ditty, I could tolerate it though I thought the infinite God of all creation deserved better. Is endlessly repeating the same chorus a sign of deep meditation or shallow creativity? I don’t like what I’ve been feeling in your church. Am I the only one to have this problem or have some of you been faking it too?

Note: This episode is titled "Sitcom" on the Season 1 DVD, but is also known as "Salame". Henderson finally reaches a boiling point, after she tries to get in shape for him. Miles as Glenn Tennis and Bob Odenkirk as Cinco spokesman and Danny Mothers.

This episode's "Great Job" sequence is altered in which the word "Salame" is displayed and spoken instead of "Great Job! Cinco Family/Corporation: Cinco Toys presents a new toy, "T'ird", half turtle, half bird. Tragg shows his viewers how to make some of his famous slop on his cooking show "Tragg’s Trough".