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Raleigh: They offer a lifetime warranty on your frame so long as it is retained by the original owner.

The Currie-Electro Drive motors are covered for two years and the batteries are covered for a year.

You can now pull back the plastic covering and find your serial number.

You’ll find it in the same spot as in the picture below.

Raleigh Serial More Raleigh Links: flickr group: The Raleigh Bicycle Nottingham YAHOO!

Notes: Serial Numbers (bottom bracket): W (for Worksop, where Professionals would have been built), or SB (for Ilkeston, where Team bike frames were built). Raleigh Riders: Joop Zoetemelk, Jan Raas, Gerrie Knetemann, Hennie Kuiper, Urs Freuler, Henk Lubberding, Rene Pijnen, Johan van der Velde.

It’s not just the bike itself that can have a great warranty, but the motor and battery as well.

Registering your bike with the manufacturer means that you’ll be set with all the warranties they offer. Let’s walk you through serial Numbers, warranties, and getting the best out of your electric bike manufacturer.

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You should also note that making changes to the bike that could compromise integrity can void the warranty.

You can find the serial number on the bottom bracket or side of the seat tube of the frame.

If you purchased your bike through us, make sure you know where it is before you leave the shop with it!

Carefully remove the two Phillips head screws on either end of the covering.

Be sure not to mix these screws up as one is longer than the other.