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The lyrics of these songs also revolve around this period of history, recounting tales of the lives of nobles, and of knights and maidens.

A number of the ballads describe historical events, and they are often dramatic and tragic.

The former are called halling, gangar or rull, whereas the latter are springar or springleik.

Traditional dances are normally referred to as bygdedans (village or regional dance).

In this era both prominent composers (like Edvard Grieg and Johan Svendsen) and performers combined the European traditions with Norwegian tones.

The import of music and musicians for dance and entertainment increased, and this continued in the 20th century, even more so when gramophone records and radio became common.

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The Hardanger fiddle tradition is rich and powerful.By traditional, orally conveyed instruction was one of the most important aspects of a Hardanger fiddle player's accomplishment.Epic folk songs are the most important form of vocal folk music in Norway.(125,097 sq mi) excluding Svalbard and Jan-Mayen), but even so its music and its musical life are as complex as those of most other countries.Much has been learned about early music in Norway from physical artifacts found during archaeological digs. Viking and medieval sagas also describe musical activity, as do the accounts of priests and pilgrims from all over Europe coming to visit St Olaf's grave in Trondheim.As a rule instrumental folk music is dance music (slåtter).