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She has made over 200 adult films and has also appeared in amateur adult (aka "gonzo") websites.

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Make your mark."Courage isn't an absense of fear but a means of dealing with it."-Nelson Mandela "I don't call myself a living legend cause its a catchy phrase or cause it looks good on a T shirt, no, I say it cause its the truth, and I deserve it."- "Lion Heart" Chris Jericho RIP Eddie Guerrero, a true champion RIP George Carlin, my idol she came into a wrestling industry and didnt know anything about wrestling or their wrestlers, shes a moron, whos up her self.

"Orton hates beautiful women, hence he must hate me cause im gorgerous", get the **** outta the ring you useless diva, good thing she left, shes opened up spots for more useless divas. But if you are working for the WWe, and you dont know the first name of one of their champs, you have no place being there, imo.

Professional Wrestler since 2007 (Currently on hiatus) Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @Ric Ellis88 Being tired isn't an excuse.

Winners never stop when they're tired; they stop when they're done.

"Near the end of the day, I was doing a pre-tape with Mr.

Although Rochelle does say Orton vandalized her belongings, the extreme version found on the 'net is not true.The whole female circuit should be sacked bar trish, lita (i know you's hate her but shes on of their few wrestlers) and victoria. Truthfully I am very disapointed in the WWE, for hiring all this Tand A. I always thought it was sorta ironic that Amy was the only one of the "useless" divas that I thought would ever amount to anything in the WWE. Regardless, now I'll have to do is wait for her to get into porn.It also proves what i was saying ages ago that i didnt believe he **** in her bag. I wonder if she'll keep that princess crown thingy. Professional Wrestler since 2007 (Currently on hiatus) Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @Ric Ellis88 Being tired isn't an excuse.According to Rochelle, it wouldn't have mattered if it was "Wal-Mart crap" in the bag or stuff from Salvation Army, it would have still been horrible. "The reason Randy Orton did what he did had nothing to do with the competition," she disclaimed, "his behavior had everything to do with how pathetic this person is, how psycho he is, and how his mentality is completely off-key with what normal mentalities should be.A somewhat funny story as she was leaving..ran into Johnny Ace who very excitedly asked how her first day was with the WWE. Maybe momma wasn't nice to him when he was a little boy or dropped him on his head too many times.Then I went back to the changing room and all of my belongings..very, very nice belongings..been totally destroyed by Randy Orton who had snuck into the female changing room".