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Jack Rittenhouse comments in 1946 that "there are many fine shops selling authentic Indian craft goods." He also admonishes the Route 66 visitor to visit the "fine exhibit of Indian antiques assembled by Fred Harvey, in a building adjoining the Santa Fe station."Step back four decades and enjoy the 50s atmosphere of the 66 Diner.

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If the network is unweighted, then we can just count the number of triangles that we would close by adding a specific edge.

If the network contains positive and negative edges (e.g.

In this post I will present the problem of recommendations in dating websites and its relation to the split-complex numbers.

The split-complex numbers are an extension of the real numbers similar to the complex numbers.

There are three things that you must remember before using this scale: 1) Though personality is very important in evaluating females, in this scale it can only hurt.You think twice before ditching this girl for a hot chick, especially if she has special powers (tongue ring, double jointed, etc.).Ascension to the 4-star level can only be attained through use of a petition.Also, we will assume that ratings are always reciprocal, i.e. However, we may still be interested in links between persons of the same gender as a measure of similarity.For instance, two women are similar if they have rated the same men similarly.Of course, you still make her crawl out the window when she leaves, because you don’t want your friends to see her, but at least you don’t want to gargle bleach and scrub yourself like a rape victim after she leaves.