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There are not many areas above about 1700 m, and even at Mt Kosciusko, the highest point on the continent, it is less then 3000 m above sea level.Not high compared with the mountains in other parts of the world.As a result of this, poor soil, arid and unpredictable climate over most of the continent, the plants, and therefore the animals that depend on them, have evolved into a unique flora and fauna.Lack of volcanic or seismic activity leading to mountain building over much of the continent for many millions of years means that what mountain ranges there were have been worn down by erosion to mere stubs of their former glory.On the east coast the short, steep rivers have not regressed as much as would be expected, some having eroded headward by about 100 km in about 60 My.In the later Tertiary the Lake Eyre Basin began to subside, resulting in the internal (endogenetic) drainage system that drains much of inland Australia.

The geologic history and its climatic contrasts are reflected in the landforms.There are 3 major structural components, the stable Western Shield, the gently warped Central Basin, and the ancient orogony of the Eastern Uplands, which have been rejuvenated by differential uplift in Tertiary and later times.The result is the vast plains and plateaux of the Australian landscape.In the north-west the highest ground is in the marginal line of the Hamersley, Kimberley and Arnhem Land Plateaux.The external drainage on 3 sides of the continent is restricted to a narrow strip around the edge of the continent on 3 sides totaling about 1/3 of the continental area.And most of Australia spent many millions of years covered by seas.