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Onder het nieuwe regime wordt de beheerder onder toezicht gebracht en kan de AFM een onafhankelijk bewaarder verplicht stellen.

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"A bag of gold, a hammer or a sword within a game can be worth thousands of pounds," Rob Fahey, former editor of online magazine, told The Times.

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I thought if he didn’t say anything there was a reason why.

The most common medical treatment for gallstones is surgical removal of the gallbladder but if the problem hasn't yet got to that stage you can make some helpful dietary changes.

These include lowering your intake of fats, particularly animal fats and sugar and increasing your intake of high fibre plant foods.

We are or will (hopefully) become savvy enough to know the difference and be prepared accordingly.

Since a reader commented that they liked that I’d shared some personal information I will talk about something else I’ve learned when it comes to dating.