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Russian dating traditions

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It used to be pretty much the same way in Russia in the past.

However, during the Soviet times, things have changed, and engagement has become a bit outdated. So, you need to prepare and think out of a romantic and lovely way to propose to your Russian sweetheart.

You should see this particular kind of bread for yourself. In many cases, it is custom baked for the wedding and decorated on the top with various flowers, shapes, animal forms, etc.

The bread is round and on the upper part of it, they set a little pan with salt.

They usually play Mendelssohn march, when the bride and the groom enter the civil wedding hall.

Those were some of the secular traditions of marriage in Russia.

In Russia today, a groom would pay some cash for the bride, but he would also have to cope with some tasks to get her back.

One of them is drinking Champaign out of the bride’s shoe or winning in various fun competitions, etc.

The bride and the groom get married and then go for a ride around the city and take pictures.At this, you may or may not give her an engagement ring.Of course, it would be a beautiful thing, and she might be expecting it from you since you are a foreigner.In many cases, Russian women marriage in the church would be done because of the bride’s parents or because the bride and the groom take religion seriously. One of my buddies thought he went on a date with a Russian girl, but in her mind, it wasn’t a date. These ladies are good looking, loving, and usually, they make excellent wives.