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Sagittarius woman dating a sagittarius

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This is not to say that they cannot be paired with any other sign, but based strictly on the Sun signs, fire and air are the best matches.However, this is not a hard and fast rule, and the individual charts of both people need to be taken into account in order to determine whether or not it will be a successful romantic pairing.There is also an ever present need for adventure and a certain degree of wanderlust to these ladies.Feeling hemmed in or stifled, whether through a situation or a relationship, is the ideal situation for these women.If these partners are not ethnically tolerate, it can leave a sinking feeling in lady Sag's stomach.

They are also usually full of "get up and go" energy; this makes them a true joy to be around and the center of any party!The great thing about being a Sagittarius woman is that you don’t really have to try all that hard to attract attention.You will attract the attention of guys, especially Sagittarius men.Even if eventual partners are of a similar background, they will have to exhibit high morals and have personal integrity; characteristics that Sagittarius truly values.They are attracted to partners that have sophisticated tastes and religious tolerance.These women will gladly tell you if a dress is too tight, if you should take that job or if you're mate is running around on you. If you are overly sensitive and don't want to know the truth, don't ask lady Sagittarius for her opinion!