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Do not miss Friday night’s all-new episode of Grimm at 9/8c on NBC. I – well, I think we will uncover more about the royal bastard, which is my favorite terminology these days. You know, we’ve already introduced members of his family. Sasha Roiz: I believe he will come back at some point. The assumption is they may or may not have met at a couple work functions.Toni: I was wondering if we’re ever going to get any back story on Renard, the royal bastard, and anything about his mother, the hexen beast who bore him? We’ve already displayed and will continue to display more things from the old world and how things work there and had worked there and continue to work there. So who knows if they want to sort of play with this more down the road but the reality is when they first came under the spell they didn’t really know each other so this sort of lusting and obsession really is, you know, for lack of a better word, manmade, you know, it’s chemical. More Press Conference Call Interview Highlights: Q: Could each of you pick one or two of your favorite episodes and tell us why they are?Like this Friday I’m going to (unintelligible) to the West Coast (unintelligible) with the fans and, you know, that’s something that I love to do for them but it also just feels like if you’re on a (unintelligible) – if you have access to your fans you want to do be able to do stuff like that.And the fastest way to get access to your fans and sort of develop a personal – you know, a somewhat personal relationship with them is using the Internet.Is she still alive or are we ever going to meet her? And so you will get some more on him and the world that he comes from. I mean we’ll have to touch upon that but I think if I was to wager a guess it’s probably because it’s a great way to have a certain level of power and authority which is really all he’s after. Not chemical in like the pheromone way, chemical like literally poison and they’re both under a spell kind of a way. Bitsie Tulloch: I really like – from Season 1 I really like the episode Game Ogre just because that was sort of the first time Juliette was inadvertently drawn into the fray in a sort of physical way. And I also liked from Season 1 the thing with feathers, which is the one where Nick and Juliette go away for the weekend to that romantic cabin and all hell breaks loose. I mean – but, you know, I think that it’s forced us into a situation that is probably pretty unnatural.

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But waking up in Season 2 in a coma and then having just this big empty hole where this man once lived is – has been sort of crazy and I have to say you have not seen the worst of it.And again, I think one of the reasons I like it is because she ends up, you know, having to hunt down and sort of save Nick.And then there’s been a lot of great stuff from Season 2 but I would say from Season 2 so far my favorite episode is the one that’s going to premiere – or going to air on Friday night.You know, I was – when we did Quarter Life it was the first television show that had gone from the Internet to TV and so that was, like, a huge deal for me.And that was only back in 2008 and here we are five years later and it seems like that’s sort of par for the course.It’s almost like Grimm after dark, a little – you know, racier version. I heard there’s a love scene that required a lot of rehearsal. Bitsie Tulloch: It was so intense that we both – we thought it was a joke. Sasha Roiz: Well, it’s going to be very delectate moving ahead and, you know, I don’t want to say too much because we’ll see what happens because it’s really Nick’s choice at this point whether he wants to move ahead, whether he wants to stay Portland, or whether he wants to, you know, deal with me with her.