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Soon after, the seat of the government of the North West Territories was transferred to Battleford and a North West Mounted Police fort was established at Duck Lake.In 1876 a treaty was concluded between the Canadian government and the local Cree peoples (Treaty 6), and though restrictions on the buffalo hunt and land ownership were tabled by some, they ultimately failed to materialize in the written version of the treaty.The history of this plains area actually began 2,000–2,100 million years ago wherein there were two continents separated by an ocean.The "Churchill Continent" which would be Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and the "Superior Continent" which would comprise Manitoba and Ontario.When Manitoba was established in 1870, many Metis were disappointed with what they felt was a disenfranchisement of their laws and way of life in the new province and migrated into the Saskatchewan river basin, establishing a settlement there and electing Gabriel Dumont as the first president of the council of St Laurent in 1872, charged with governing the annual buffalo hunts and other local laws.

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Archaeological studies give some clues as to the history and lifestyles of the Palaeo-Indian, Taltheilei, and Shield Archaic Traditions who were the first occupants of the prehistoric era of this geographical area.Archaeologists divide the time frame to study ancient findings into contemporary which would be from the 20th century on, Protohistoric archaeology from 1620 to contemporary, and Prehistoric archaeology is the study before early exploration to the area.The prehistoric archaeology studies the findings and further classifies them according to traditions followed by the ancient peoples.The lower lands of today's parkland were covered by a shallow sea even in the Palaeozoic Era.It was not until the Cretaceous Period 144 – 66 million years ago that the inland sea began to drain.Atsina or Dakota (Sioux) were living on the outskirts of the area now known as Saskatchewan.