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Paul’s new neighbour in Leisureland is a charismatically louche Serb (Christoph Waltz on top form) who knows full well that the lofty principles on which the technology was founded have themselves been shrunk.Nobody has got small to save the planet, they just want the stuff that used to be the exclusive preserve of the rich.In the pile-on of proper nouns that was that last paragraph, I’ve neglected to define what exactly Sci-Fi Speed Dating is.Sci-Fi Speed Dating is regular speed dating, but at a comic convention, meaning that most of the participants are cosplaying [in costume].

I don’t even like coffee, but I would order some and drink it if it was something she was into.

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But most of the credit belongs to Payne who, with his co-writer Jim Taylor, has added a strangely memorable film to his already-impressive portfolio.

And one final word for the special effects; diddy people in the movies have to look realistic.