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Scott storch dating

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But he’s actually been on the national scene since 1991, when he joined up with The Roots to become their first keyboard player.

Storch was born in Florida in 1973, into a musical family.

By 2008, news broke that Scott Storch was behind on his property taxes and child support payments.

After he was arrested in early 2009 for failing to return a leased Bentley, he checked into an in-patient drug rehab facility.

Storch has now lost his massive Miami mansion, valued at a reported million, to foreclosure.

The Sun Trust Bank took back ownership of the estate, buying it back at auction for just .5 million.

Now the record producer is just hoping to keep a roof over his head.A couple weeks after entering rehab, Storch declared bankruptcy. He did several radio appearances where spoke candidly of his financial troubles and was quite honest about the difficulties he was facing in repairing his career.While it seemed as though Storch was doing better with his addiction, he was arrested in 2012 for possessing cocaine.The next year, he was claiming to be working on taking his career in a new direction, though most people were skeptical by now of his claims.Regardless, Storch announced an electro-pop EP which was supposed to have dropped in April, 2015.In 2013, Storch was robbed at gunpoint in Times Square.