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Some of the subcultures in Second Life revolve around events.

Events include many activities related to arts, culture, charity, support groups, commerce, discussion, education, games, contests, nightlife, entertainment, pageants, and sports.

Unlike real life, there is no biological need to seek nourishment or shelter.

Thus, some activities that would be necessary in the real world are purely voluntary leisure pursuits, e.g.

Group membership provides a means of self-identification and self-expression, and facilitates member to member communication in a number of ways.

A group comprises officers and members, with titles determined by group leadership.

Interaction is also behavioral, such as when friends and strangers assemble at a club to dance or flirt while listening to recorded or live music.

The Owner, Member (referred to by the client as Everyone) or the title for any custom roles may appear superimposed above the name of the Resident's avatar.

Group activity is usually centered on a particular interest, so creating groups can give people a common ground for discussion and provide an easy way to break the ice.

Creation is changing the appearance and behavior of the Second Life virtual world including the avatar itself.

Building a house, gardening, creating new clothes, and creating a new dance are all examples of creation.