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Love it or hate it, with new locations (some within spitting distance of the next one) opening seemingly every week, the chain certainly can't be beat for convenience and consistency.

Best Western Restaurant The Spot It's easy to mistake this dimly lit eatery in a corner of what has become one of Chengdu's most notorious nightlife plazas as a grubby burger joint fit only for late-night meals when you've had one or 10 too many and need to put something down to keep it all down.

Development of the city's nightlife venues in particular seems to have grinded to a complete halt; the top three this year are exactly the same as last year. As always, we'd like to thank everyone who took time to vote in our poll, and we'd like to extend a warm congratulations to all the winners and nominees that appear on these pages and on the online survey.

We would like to emphatically state for the record once again that results of this and every year's poll are chosen by voters and not the staff of CHENGDOO citylife.

The London Rob waxwork photos inspired some comments both on the site and on Twitter yesterday, as did the New York one!

But I want to know which one you think looks most like Rob, and which one you'd want to pose with in photos to try and convince your mates that you'd met the Twilight hunk?

It would follow logic that the partner who didn't—or couldn't—climax would have more desire for intense connection to make up for "unresolved arousal." However, there seem to be too many factors to draw a concrete conclusion.__Pretty cool, huh? Honorable Mentions Lazy Pug With weekly theme nights (currently up: Italian and Mexican) a short, regularly rotating menu of dishes that you won't find anywhere else in Chengdu, Lazy Pug does American food like they do in America. Go Chengdoo readers gripe about the menu price hikes over the past few years, but many are clearly still happy to hand over their cash for cleanliness, friendly, English-speaking service, and a comfortable environment, ensuring that Tex Mex maintains a runner-up position in the Western food category.Best Pizza Mike's Pizza Kitchen To the appreciation of a great many of Chengdu's foreign residents, Mike started delivering his handmade pizzas a couple years ago.Women, not surprisingly, are much more inclined to want to bond than look for external rewards.All of these behaviors can be linked to hormonal changes that occur directly after orgasm.Best of 2011 & here Best of 2010 Best of 2009 Best Nightlife Venue Jellyfish For the third straight year, Jellyfish dominates the nightlife category of our poll. The three young owners have a finger on the pulse of the foreigner market for nightlife in Chengdu: The location is prime, the drinks are strong, and the tunes ensures a busy sweatfest on the dance floor even on the coldest of late winter nights. Honorable Mentions Lazy Pug Lazy Pug appeals to a substantial portion of the international population in Chengdu by hitting that balance between raucous nightlife and so-dry-you-might-as-well-be-at-home.