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Since the boy I was going with had car problems, I would be driving.

I had been flashing for some time now and couldn’t think of a better place to flash than an adult bookstore.

It felt so fucking weird when I actually felt my butt cheeks my pussy going into the big hole in the wall behind me.

There were like several different hands playing with my pussy finger fucking not only my pussy but my butt hole as well.

With my big breasts, I was sure I could make myself look older and get in to do some flashing and maybe suck a cock or two.

Three nights later I told my parents I had a date and going to the late-night drive in movie.

I could still barely see anything except for some lights that were on above the doors.

All the doors were closed except for one door in the middle of a few booths. I, figured out where to put the tokens but it took a few minutes to figure out how to change movies. Well, since I love big dick I found a movie with a girl getting fucked by a big dick.

It disappeared so quickly I had no chance at grabbing it. ”A voice came through the hole saying, “Suck this and I’ll think about it.”A rather big cock came through the biggest hole in the wall.He held his cock buried down my throat as he pumped several big loads of cum in me.I tried and tried to pull off his cock but no way he was letting me go.I walked around inside the store amazed at everything in the store had to do with sex. I squatted down a few times my legs spread letting men see my bare pussy and my rather large pussy lips hanging down. Again, inquisitively I asked, “What do mean movie booths? You buy tokens go in a booth and watch movies.”“Oh… I went through the beaded curtain doorway and oh my God it was so dark in there I could barely see where I was going.The men looked but I was surprised how they all seemed to be moving around like robots none of them saying anything. ” He said, “You don’t want a go back there.”I asked inquisitively, “Why… I made a right turn walked a little ways and ran right into a couple of men standing by a wall. One said, “You want to go way in back.”I said, “In back?I was well prepared and showed him an ID saying I was eighteen. He shook his head no while taking my money and said, “You’re on your own back there.” After a pause, he said, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” while handing me a stack of tokens.