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they continue to ignore any solution to the imploding Health-Care System.

The following is an excerpt from the article ' Natural Disasters' listed on our website.

“One of our earliest contacts was CTV Atlantic, a system of four television stations in the Canadian Maritimes, owned and operated by the CTV Television Network, a division of Bell Media. Steve Murphy, Senior News Editor & Anchor for CTV Atlantic has been a regular recipient of our communications and the work of our Ministry.

Even though we explained the root-causes of the sexual abuse scandals in the Province of Nova Scotia and elsewhere more than twenty years ago, they continued to interview those that are spiritually blind and as such continued to deceive all of its listeners.

For more than twenty years they have refused to listen to the truth and our message of repentance, as it was preached by Christ and the Apostles. Jay Witherbee, Director of News for CTV Atlantic and his colleagues and communicated the following message.

Dear Sir, We recently learned about your position as Director of News for the Atlantic Region and we would think in this position you should be able to pull a few strings along the way.

Our website was visited last month by people from 113 Countries and as part of our expanding testimony, to show people how and by whom they have been deceived, a copy of this email will be posted on the Current Events page of our website under the title ‘Emergency Management Strategy by the Government of Canada'. Eagleman ; Sean Judge ; Chris Cuomo ; Andrew Morse ; Meredith Artley ; Jake Tapper ; Brian Stelter ; Alex Wellen ; Daniel Burke ; John Blake ; Christiane M.

Amanpour ; Publishers and Editors of the Review Journal and Las Vegas Sun.

Our message was posted as part of the entry ' Wildfires and Floods' listed on the Current Events page of this website. Haley and Pat Mc Crory, at the time Governors of the Carolina States, concerning the Floods effecting their States. van den Berg Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2015 9.47 AM To: Jerry Brown Cc's: Senior contacts at the different Media Networks, i.e. Subject: California on Fire could have been avoided Jerry, A year ago we contacted your office in the hope that you would listen to our message but since you ignored our message more than a thousand homes have gone up in flames and tens of thousands of acres have been destroyed.In recognition of these factors, federal, provincial, and territorial governments are working together to develop an Emergency Management Strategy for Canada.The Strategy will help Canadians and governments better predict, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.” Your recognition that disasters are increasing in frequency and magnitude is correct but your analysis of the causes is ‘natural’ while the reasons are ‘spiritual’, and is the reason we wrote to you in the first place, but unfortunately that aspect was totally ignored.We have communicated the message of our Ministry to the people of this world for over twenty years including your own Mr. For example: you will find his name as a 'cc' in the article 100 Huntley Street, dated October 14, 1991, posted on our website A small summary of our previous communication will show and prove that all the things we have spoken of in the past have been the truth. Murphy the very reasons why all these things are happening.Your response was a self-congratulatory (pat on the back) message, similar to Donald Trump’s response when he uses the words ‘incredible, fantastic, great, etc.’ to describe his Government’s response to the disasters in Texas, Florida, the Caribbean and the tragedy in Las Vegas.