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The story she's telling is that upon discovering she is carrying your child, you decided to divorce her.

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Others will first empty the sack of live crawfish into a tub of water for a more thorough wash.

In the spring, coinciding with peak production months, home consumption of crawfish often occurs in outdoor venues.Most of the crawfish are sold live for consumption with less than 20 percent processed and packaged.As in other parts of the world where crawfish (or crayfish) have been enjoyed for centuries, crawfish consumption is generally associated with social occasions.A similar portion of crawfish was placed in a second tub containing 10 gallons of water and 1.6 pounds of noniodized table salt and allowed to soak for 10 minutes (Figure 2).A third portion of the day’s harvest consisted of nonwashed individuals.Today, Louisiana farmers produce almost 100 million pounds annually, worth approximately 0 million.