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They started ditching the guitar lessons for movies and chess games, a passion of hers.

Though they say they doubt there’s much day-to-day difference between being married and living together, they see marriage as a serious undertaking that they’re in no rush to make.Others just want to put it off as they get their lives in order.Kris Aper, 23, a 2012 graduate of the University of West Georgia who has done some graduate work at UNC-Chapel Hill, has lived with her boyfriend, Diego Lund, for two years.People really want to find that perfect partner.” A Pew Research study released last year showed that 1 in 5 adults older than 25 – some 42 million people – had never married.Just a little more than half of those never-married people said they would like to marry eventually, and some 13 percent stated they had no intentions of ever tying the knot.Lund, a beer buyer at the time, was interested in Aper, a cashier, but he was not sure she was interested in him.