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The overall positive energy the band had generated was inspiration to begin writing again.

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Unless you’re coming from Manhattan or Los Angeles the quality of girls will be higher than you’re used to.

Living abroad doesn’t automatically make every woman swoon over you.

Guys who were dating a girl only to come home one day and find that she’d stolen all their stuff, tourists who get tricked into taking women to 0 a plate restaurants, and other scary stuff.

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At one point I even went out with a girl whose mom had to chaperon us. On top of this I usually go places where there’s a lot of activity, like the zoo, and you don’t have to hold a deep conversation.

Guys who want to sleep with a lot of women should move to a college town in their home state.

Random bar sex is a very American concept and not something that’s super popular elsewhere.

Expat bars are filled with guys who get bossed around by their 100-pound girlfriends.

Going online and searching “foreign girl scams” usually brings up all kinds of crazy stuff.