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It was clear that for whatever reason, it occurred only or primarily in persons of African origin. Neel, Chairman and founder of the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Michigan.In 1927, Hahn and Gillespie discovered that red blood cells from persons with the disease could be made to sickle by removing oxygen. It was in his department that I worked for seven years and was on the staff of one of the first Centers for Sickle Cell Disease in 1972.In the years following, better ways of treating sickle cell patients and potential treatments appeared.

Sickle Cell Disease Association of America Information, news, research, and resources.

What we call its “discovery” in 1910 occurred, not in Africa, but in the United States.

The disorder we call “Sickle Cell Disease” often abbreviated as SCD, had been present in Africa for at least five thousand years and has been known by many names in many tribal languages.

I prefer to cite this paper these days,” he said with a puckish grin on his face.

Two years later, in 1951, the famous Nobel Prize-winning chemist, Dr. Harvey Itano, discovered that the red, oxygen-carrying protein called “hemoglobin” had a different chemical structure in persons with SCD. Pauling to coin the term “molecular disease” for disorders that resulted from proteins with abnormal chemical structures.