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Acting Special Minister of State Mathias Cormann on Tuesday said his advice from the electoral commissioner was that text messages circulated so far had been consistent with the electoral requirements.The Yes message itself could hardly have been more inoffensive.So let's call the complaints for what they often were — a bit of exaggerated hyperbole, pushed to generate publicity.In a campaign that is seeing some shocker claims and incidents on both sides, the SMS message blitz was certainly not among them.

Christine lets her brother get away with nothing; she is quick out of the blocks with tweets to respond to his various comments. A powerful video has been released with Mr Abbott's daughter Frances promoting the Yes case.Let alone someone arriving at the door to campaign on this or any other issue.I don't dispute anybody's right to come on a mission of persuasion, but such visitors can be a pain on a Sunday morning.And when Twitter user and online joker Lourdes (not the Queen of Pop’s daughter) uploaded a selfie of him, pretending that he was her boyfriend, people started to lose their heads. The resemblance isn’t coincidental – Sergio is a Michael Jackson impersonator, so he’s clearly made a concerted effort to look a lot like MJ. Like millions of others, I received an SMS at the weekend from the Yes campaign for the marriage ballot.Anyway, the Yes side is unlikely to be too concerned.