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The Carlton Ware Fruit Basket motif went into production circa 1932.

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They do not allow me on it because "its not you its other people".

I have tried to explain private mode to them but they dont understand or even listen.

My kids know that I trust them, but they also know there is crazy bad people in the world.

its not the same because imessage isnt cool in my school It really depends on the maturity of the kids in question.Parents should judge based on how trustworthy or responsible the kids are.I think it's important as a parent or guardian to realize that their children have lives outside of the house as well.Keeping that in mind, you need to let your kids experience and grow- by taking small steps like trusting them with social media or letting them make decisions on social media, they will learn from mistakes and continue to grow into adulthood.This being said, I don't believe in kids younger than 12 having social media.I use Google , and I just want to let the parents know that this one may not be the best, depending on what you post and what communities you're in. I am the only one in my grade who does not have any social media.