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Localita' di partenza: Rifugio Calvi (Carona) Dislivello: 900 m Tempo di salita: 3 ore circa Difficolta': escursionisti esperti Acqua sul Percorso: SI Il Pizzo del Diavolo di Tenda con i suoi 2.914 m di altezza e' la vetta piu' alta della Valle Brembana, da qui nasce il Fiume Brembo.
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Oder ist die Liebe mächtiger als die Konvention, die keine Gefühle kennt?

Blind Dating (Cita a Ciegas) es una película de comedia romántica 2006 dirigida por James Keach y protagonizada por Chris Pine, Eddie Kaye Thomas , Anjali Jay , Jane Seymour , y Jayma Mays .

While Tricky expertly evokes the claustrophobic feeling signified by the phrase "pre-millennium tension," Gira and his significant (artistic and real- life) other, Jarboe, whose haunting, ethereal vocals changed the musical direction of the band when she joined in the mid-80s, create what might be labelled a "post-millennium" sound.

True to the implications of its title, SFTB is an unsettling score for the time after the millenial collapse-- societal, psychic, whatever--has taken place.

But while the ability of his artistic progeny to evolve is still open to question, Gira has relentlessly pushed forward into unknown musical terrain.

Soundtracks For The Blind, the penultimate SWANS album (their will be a limited edition live recording from the current world tour) sees him tying together the various elements which have fuelled different editions of the band over the years, creating a sound that is, as always, unique.

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The Tomatometer rating – based on the published opinions of hundreds of film and television critics – is a trusted measurement of movie and TV programming quality for millions of moviegoers.Gira has paid a price for being an original, an innovator, seeing others commercialize certain aspects of various SWANS incarnations and make a pile of money whilst he himself has struggled just to keep his band afloat.Listen today to the relentless, apocalyptic sonic attack of early SWANS songs like "Raping A Slave" and "Time Is Money (Bastard)" and you'll literally hear the invention of the "industrial" genre which has made worthy disciples like Al Jourgenson of Ministry and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails rich men.It is the sound of a new mythology being born, exhibiting at times an epic, neo-religious intensity.While Gira utilizes "found" sounds, snippets of recorded conversations, cassette loops, and a variety of other objet trouves, the result is far from the anxious and neurotic "problematization" of such elements that is a typical feature of "postmodern" art. Strap on your guitar, now spread your legs just like a star / And I'd like to eat her breasts and know God." The result is tantalizingly erotic.Rather, the music here is flowing and seamless, the opening of a space where "reality" and "fiction" blur to create a new world. SFTB's most intense moments, however, belong to Gira, who, for all his previous excursions into the dark side of existence, has never sounded quite so open and vulnerable as he does here on songs like "Animus" and "The Sound," where his voice quivers and cracks with a mixture of passion and emotional torment.