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I got a rude email saying "no refund, keeping $$$" I have been to their speed dating event before and they banned a guy for being 2 weeks over the age range. I have spoken to other people at other speed dating events run by other company and there are have been heaps of people being banned for slight demeanours like complaining about the host, complaining about another fellow speed dater. I'm trying to chase up a refund so will update once I have more details. One thing I noticed is that the "tickets left" count seems to be manually updated.

these people all got rude emails from this company, I am assuming it is the same very rude administrator. After not hearing back when I asked for a date reschedule I asked for a refund. I've bought a ticket saying (for example) 7 tickets available and then after purchasing it still says 7 tickets available.

Their flakey response was "you've been to too many events" and removed me.

No apologies about lying about banning that male or pretending to care for safety or removing me abruptly.

I registered and paid for the event and due to my name not being on the list they wouldn't let me participate. They didn't care at all and had no interest in trying to find my name or even calling head office. I was actually told not to attend by them after I made a booking.

The only contact they provide is an email address, and my following emails to them were ignored. I was told they will email me even if there is no match but they didn't contact me.

I convinced a friend to attend with me as I've never been to a speed dating event. They then responded to say they could offer a voucher valid for 12 months then no response when I confirmed that would be acceptable. So I'm not surprised reading news about how people have bought tickets and then being told the event is sold out.

I replied demanding my money back or a voucher to be issued. Paid for 2 tickets () was emailed the day before to say sorry there was a mix up its now sold out and we can't take you! I'd been to their events before and while I never had the problem of being turned away saying I hadn't paid, I saw that happen to someone else.

But I've been offered a free spot to make up numbers.

So I didn't get paid, but yes, they do offer free spots if they're not able to make up numbers. I attended an event where I saw a male who I had met previously. It was confronting and when I told the team they sounded concerned over e-mail and said they would ban him.