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I was among the first in the insurance agency industry to automate my office to computers.The Internet has opened new doors and opportunities and I embraced the opportunity and calling to use it to serve single adults.Some of us may remember the old TV series The Brady Bunch where a beautiful blended family of 8 got along fabulously and every obstacle had a happy ending. Most blended families are wrought with difficulty on a variety of fronts.Some Christian singles find their expectations of love shredded by the fact that the other person doesn’t feel the same way.He tells us first-hand what parents and children should expect when living in this kind of family environment and how the members of the family can follow some easy steps to have a successful blended family!Blended Family With the divorce rate around 50%, blended families are becoming more the norm than the exception.This statement of unrequited love or one similar to it is often received in an email to me.Sometimes the person will describe how in a dream or vision God described their future mate to them.

Internet Addiction: Is the Internet your drug of choice?Others may think it means having an undeniable, unfading connection with a soul mate who never argues and accepts us exactly how we are without judgment or strife. There are just a few small flaws with that perception.Domestic Violence Domestic violence – What early signs should I look for to tell if a man might have the tendency to abuse women?I think that the Internet has brought one of the greatest revolutions to mankind that we will likely ever experience. This amazing verse tells us a lot about our Creator.With just 3 simple words we see how much God loves us.(Self-image/Spirit) Christian and single and addicted to the web in trying to find a mate?