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Fenn is now the only trap manufacturer of any note which still makes spring traps here in the UK, these obviously being of the approved humane variety, but there was a time when there were many UK manufacturers producing traps for the home market, and also for export throughout the world.

There were many factors involved in the gradual demise of trap production in the UK, although there were three major laws introduced concerning the use of gin traps which had a major impact on the trap making industry; Firstly, a bill was passed in 1827 banning the use of man traps and spring guns, making it illegal to set such devices in order to help protect property against poachers.

By Andrew Westcott Home Page • Rust Removal • Grimspound • Manganese Mining • Gin Traps • Batch File • INDEX OF SUB-HEADINGS ON THIS PAGE: An Introduction To Gin Traps How I Got Interested In Collecting Gin Traps The Anatomy Of A Gin Trap How To Measure And Describe A Trap Using The Gin Trap Against Rabbits Variations In Basic Construction A Word On Trap Chains, Swivels And Stakes Different Designs Of Gin Trap Alternatives And Successors To The Gin Trap Further Reading And Related Links Firstly, to dispel any misconceptions caused by my writing of this page, I do not consider myself to be an expert on the subject of gin traps, and would probably be better described as a casual trap collector.

However, I am interested in the manufacture, development, deployment and history of the British gin trap and when time and funds permit, enthusiastically search out additions to my collection along with information about them to try to increase my knowledge of the subject.

On rare occasions, visitors who have looked at my collection have remarked on the cruelty of the devices and have expressed disbelief at my interest, being seemingly unable to distinguish between someone who uses them and someone who collects them as historical relics.

The name 'gin trap' is given to a mechanical trap designed to catch an animal (or a human!

) by the leg using spring operated jaws either with or without a serrated edge or teeth.

He then found a small piece of stick and pressed it down gently onto a flat square plate within the open jaws. I still remember jumping when the jaws suddenly slammed shut, breaking the stick clean in two.

It was explained that these traps were designed to catch rabbits by the leg, and would be set on the ground in such a place that a rabbit would stand on it.