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The young man allowed me to enter the elevator first and he followed me in.

Once the elevator moved, he grabbed me and pushed his lips onto mine, his hands roaming over the area between my legs and all over my back and buttocks.

You might be sent to accompany on site – I had the pleasure of being sent to two different locations in Ireland and seeing it for myself – all the switchgears, phase cables, monitoring systems, metering equipment.. Another thing is – don’t be afraid to ask questions.

People here are very helpful and whether you feel your question might sound stupid – better to ask the way than go astray. It’s an experience that will change you as a prospective engineer, you’ll leave Premium Power with an exceptional amount of knowledge, respect for other engineers and take your job seriously, because you’re treated as part of the team, your work counts too!

The office environment, believe it or not, is a huge learning ground.

It made me cover so many topics that I wouldn’t have been familiar with before, as I heard the other engineers talking about their work.

He smiled at me and made gestures, using individual words, expressing how the sight outside looked at beautiful as me.Engineering is all about solutions to problems that will always arise along the way. Working in compliance with certain rules and regulations wasn’t anything new to me, but we’re not talking about mere meeting deadlines or formatting your documents – certain clients’ specs are based on international standards, which then, in turn need to be researched, reviewed and conformed with.One small obstacle could take days to research and to be resolved, but I quickly came to terms that this is essentially what engineers do. Assisting with written reports and helping to communicate on concepts, from simple follow-up on your current project to complex engineering theories was also something I had to learn, very quickly.Has your experience changed where you plan on taking your engineering career? As I mentioned above, I come from a control and computer engineering background.By getting involved in projects and giving me the opportunity to learn new things, Premium Power has changed my perception on what path my career is going to take.I feel I’m much more suited to power engineering, rather than computer science and programming after spending my placement assisting with analysing power distribution networks here in Premium Power.