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Moreover, candida has another sinister role to play.It is normally kept in check by beneficial bacteria in the small intestine: the good guys.When i checked after 30 minutes, my spit had sunk to the bottom of the glass. To test for candida there is the old-fashioned test often used by nutrionists where you have a good spit into a glass of water on waking.If your spit starts to form tails and looks like a small jellyfish there is a good chance that candida is present.

(Sorry tmi - especially at this time of the morning..).

To confirm this you can do a salivary antibody test, which is a most reliable way of making the diagnosis.

These tests are available from private laboratories I would say you have it based on what you describe. I used one of the labs to get my adrenal stress index done. Here is the rest of the section It's really only over recent decades that the full significance of candida albicans, the worst of the varieties, and probably the commonest, has been appreciated.

You can also take a few things: - Garlic supplements are very good as they are anti-fungal and candida turns into fungal when it gets out of hand.

You must check to make sure it is ok to take this though, as it thins the blood so can affect over meds.