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I just had a call from one of my customers who told me they were contacted by a company proporting to be acting on behalf of Microsoft and that their computer was infested with viruses and that they were instructed to help.

The caller made my customer do something in the DOS prompt, from what I gather it was just to do a dir listing to make it look as if those files were infected.

His supervisor comes on had does some more blurb, and claims my PC is in a very bad state, blah blah blah. Didn't ask them, but another pointer to it being a scam.

Tells me to go to a website and install some software ( WHY WOULD MICROSOFT ASK YOU TO INSTALL 3RD PARTY SOFTWARE? I asked them how long it would take and they said oh it'll take about 30 mins then they would call back to say it's all fixed.

The errors and warnings are just simply every day run of the mill windows things, nothing serious.

More blurb about how somehow my firewall has been broken through etc and that the anit-virus is not picking up this trojan because my PC has been compromised.

They said no, no-one would call from there if they weren't from the company. Oh and he had an Indian accent, not that it really matters. Tells me some baloney story about how my router is sending them errors and warnings, and that it's because my PC has a Trojan/virus. Basically gets me to look at a list of errors and warnings claiming these are all from the Trojan/virus.They hung up on me, I don't understand why, I thought they wanted to help me.Just had my call from "microsoft support" what a relief that they are on the ball monitoring my computer for viruses.... Played along for a while and when I told him that I knew it was a scam he did not seem to understand me to well, must of been lost in translation.Oh and the phone connection died twice (so my thought they are on skype).Anyway after about 20 mins he says okay I have to pass you know onto my supervisor.Bud, one only has to look at some of the questions here on WP & then think of those several steps down who don't even know of WP.