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That logic is nutty, and I have no idea if it makes sense from your perspective.

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Because we still really care for each other what is a person/adult to do in this kind of situation .

Dating on the side isn't the long term answer as we both would eventually like to have happy families together.

So there is one constant here it seems her kids just dont want her to be happy, just as they did with me.

They had gone through counselling before me, during the time with me and are also presently in counselling.

Maybe if the merging would have gone more slowly for the kid's sake, it may have helped. To each continue your relationship building and bonding with the kids, but just not trying to force "one big happy family" under one roof too quickly.

Perhaps within a decent time frame of bonding, you might be able to have another go at living together down the line. we should have waited longer but in fairness her dating with other men previously to me had the same jealous and protective emotions over there mother and she was still in the original house.

) that you barely know, actually come to *live* with you on such short notice?

My two kids would constantly complain about the other 3 because they would always be fighting with each other or yelling and screaming.

I find her kids very jealous and protective over her and would never give her peace and mind.

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Hi Everyone, Over two years ago I met a fantastic lady online, we hit it off so well we quickly moved in together and tried merging the families together.