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Headliners this summer include Drive-By Truckers, Hurray for the Riff Raff, and Lady Wray.

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Tool to maintain transmission (bittorrent) settings, add items from feeds and redis queues # tr Maid[! ](]( after your transmission settings, keeps torrents under check and adds themfrom feed or redis queue/list.## About configuration (*~/.trmaid.yaml* file)### Sections: transmission: url: username: transmission password: transmission Well that seems self explanatory...general: redis: redis://localhost:6379 verify: False verbose: Trueredis is the url to redis, verify is to whether the SSL verification is done andverbose is for displaying the messages or not ('-v' in arguments overrides it to True) session: alt-speed-enabled: False blocklist-enabled: True blocklist-update-interval: 168 blocklist-url: Otherwise its the same as *rss:....* section watch-folders: /home/user/auto-add-torrents: peer-limit: 30 upload Limit: 150 upload Limited: True seed Ratio Limit: 11.0 seed Ratio Mode: 1 seed Ratio Limited: True tracker Add: - udp:// you have "watch-folders" section in your configuration file and that folderreally exists, files with "torrent" extensions are added just as from rss or redis.After added, they are renamed from "*.torrent" file to "*.torrent.added" file.*matches* is a list of regularexpressions - if exists, title has to match one of them.redis: list-4-lpop: peer-limit: 20 upload Limit: 5 upload Limited: True Here torrent urls or magent links are popped (lpop) out of the list "list-4-lpop"mentioned in section name.

Other services, which are currently unavailable, will be migrated to new servers in the coming days.Hosting, as well as the signed driver, is funded by donations from the public.Future donations are intended to contribute to future signed drivers, hosting and to possibly rent a virtual private server on which the team should be able to build a "real" online-update feature for future releases of Peer Block.The development team welcomes anyone who is interested in contributing code, documentation, translations, or other help.Version 2.92: Note from Developer: It appears that on or about August 28, 2016, unauthorized access was gained to our website server.The infected file was available for download somewhere between a few hours and less than a day.