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Lack one lacks both, and the unseen is proved by the seen, Till that becomes unseen and receives proof in its turn.
And remember, you can get to Hawaii on a ship without signing on as crew.

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The most asinine questions are expected to generate meaningful responses. " Which one of those words actually means what you say it means? But if you ask for any clarification, you're being difficult. Importantly, it's not that "7" is an okay answer, but really 7.2 is more precise.

7.2 is wrong, because that 3 could have been 3.4, 2.6, etc.

I state it here, and you "know" it, but that's not the same as it being a fundamental part of your worldview, the way "the sun is hot" or "the earth revolves around the sun" does, fundamentals that allow you to make guesses about reality.answering the above question.) It's not that you forgot; it's unlikely you could have answered that question even back when you were learning photosynthesis.Yet-- and this is the point-- the word "photosynthesis" is in your head.If we do, we have recollections of certain unconnected concepts: The quotes serve to suggest we don't even really know the meaning of the terms we learned.None of those statements are informative, nor can the be applied to reality (e.g.(No partial credit: if you said "from the ground" but were thinking "minerals" you were still wrong.)Indeed, this question reveals that even with a general background in science, and two acceptable answers, most people still get it wrong.