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As a non-US woman with a US American husband, I think I can talk about this!I'm trying to think of the idealised stereotype for US American men (the same way that French men are "sophisticated" and Italian men are "passionate", etc).So let me rephrase it: How common IRL is the stereotype of the American geek with an Asian-girl fetish, who goes to Japan or Thailand or Indonesia, blatantly on the make? I was thinking of the earnest self-righteous slightly hypocritical kind, who gets indignant about things Everyone Knows Are Important like recycling, wearing seatbelts at all times, who coughs pointedly at smokers, etc, but doesn't care about social activism much outside that.I mean, I'm picturing Asian women cringing at the mere sight of a white guy with an anime character on his shirt -- "Here comes another gaijin; I'm gonna pretend I don't speak English and hope he's not fluent in Japanese." Or are there not that many such men, and not as obnoxious? I would contrast that with the "fuck you I'll dump my plastic bags in the ocean if I want to" cowboy type.The reasons are simple: -Life in Brazil is pretty hard-wages are low, and the good jobs go to people with familial connections -Brazilian men are very macho-and usually have several mistresses -A Green card and American citizenship is a way out of spinsterhood and poverty -American men are appreciated (for their willingness to help cook and take care of the kids-something that Brazilian men are not expected to do).-Good stuff (nice clothes, electronics, PCs, etc.) cost a lot in Brazil-these women see marrying an American as a step up for them. (And let's just get the Onion Point/Counterpoint out of the way. And how do Asian women feel about the American guys who pursue them?

" As an American female who has lived in Asia (Indonesia, to be precise) for 12 of the last 17 years, I assure you, there are as many answers to that question are there are single Asian women who have ever dated/thought about dating an American man.ETA, I think anyone who has someone come to their country to pick up people who look like them, but don't actually care about who they are and what they are like, is going to be creeped out.As an American married to a Brazilian woman, I can tell you that Brazilian women fantasize about marrying a RICH American man.I am an American and I find all sorts of accents to be very sexy. I'm trying to think of the idealised stereotype for US American men (the same way that French men are "sophisticated" and Italian men are "passionate", etc).Perhaps ironically, people who get all upset about recycling are at least as likely to own a huge gas guzzling SUV as anyone else.I've known calculating Indonesian women who cared for nothing but how much money they could extract from their date.