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She called me randomly one night in a Texas hotel room, and she wanted to have phone sex. In retrospect, maybe not the best move Late one cold, wet November night a couple of years ago, maybe 3 a.m., I was sitting on my bed in a Motel 6 just south of Austin, Texas, brushing my teeth and watching the closing moments of a college basketball game on ESPN2 that had been played earlier that night but was being rebroadcast and whose outcome was still a mystery to me, when the phone on the night table besides me jangled to life. Nobody knew I was there; I'd arrived only an hour earlier.

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These conservative rules about waiting for marriage were created back when people got married in their teens, and now they’re being used to turn Turkish men into frustrated perverts who will be insanely jealous of any sort of success you may have with women, money, lifestyle, etc.

Turkish culture is warm and friendly like Latino culture. The men don’t have impressive social skills, but the culture encourages hyper-aggressive behavior in men.

If you’re fluent in German or French, pick up Assimil Turkish for 24,90 €.

It’s a 5 month text and audio course that the best language learners use, and it claims to take you to a B2 level in fluency.

The level of game needed to play ball with a 7 Turkish woman in the States is considerably less than it would be to play ball with an American 5.

If you can show a Turkish girl that you're a hardworking, social guy with the slightest bit of alpha tendency than you can have one too.

However, knowing a lot of Erasmus students I am always surprised at the amount of hot girls that come from real Turkish cities like Izmir or Istanbul, and they are very liberal, dress in mini skirts and high heels, and are very warm and friendly. Only ever heard of one guy SNL'ing a muslim girl, and she was from Egypt - pretty sure Turkey is worse.

Also when I was in Germany for Oktoberfest there was a really exotically hot Turkish waitress there who served us once, so I would say there are more than you'd think. I've met a handful of 20-30 something Turkish women and more looked good than not.

Besides, Istanbul or Izmir would be far from the many shitholes you find in many other countries with beautiful women, and offer a lot of attractions apart from the women. ] "Lifes about, shooting your load" Having been to Istanbul a couple times, I'd say Turkish girls generally are sort of neutral compared to the ROW in my experience, maybe not generally anything special but they are typically not overweight, and there are more than a few hotties running around.

More than you'd think at least - espeically in the upper middle classes.

For one, they're usually from the more Western thinking part of Turkey, meaning they probably have a decent amount of cash if they've come to America.

They're looking to escape the existent, but not dominant Muslim culture, and they generally look very good.