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She writes: an extension of hookup culture — the far, disturbing end of an increasingly fluid "sexual culture spectrum"?

I think the effort to reduce rape, sexual assault, and unwanted sex could benefit from debating that question.

As a sociologist who studies gender and sexuality, I decided to explore the status of the traditional sexual double standard in college hookup culture.

This debate does not imply that instances of campus sexual assault are potentially affected by sexual culture on campus; crimes like that of Brock Turner, to me, evidence sociopathic behavior and crystal clear lack of consent, not confusion partly caused by environmental factors.

Nor should this debate be a gateway to blaming rape victims, claiming that alcohol turns people into rapists, or suggesting that hookup culture ought to be replaced by collegiate abstinence.

Yet when discussing what to “do” about campus rape, I seldom hear open-minded debate on the deep reasons why these blurred sexual lines exist, why consent was incomplete or absent, or why students get into situations where miscommunication, or even abuse, is most likely to occur.

This analysis has to go beyond talking about intoxication.